My inspiration comes from an interesting piece of cloth, 
an old cushion, a granny’s gown, 
a unworn jacket I got as present…



The patchwork style allows me to use even small pieces of cloth, reducing waste to a minimum.


“Puoi fare un castello con legni spezzati e barattoli rotti
puoi aprire una stanza grigia e riempirla del blu della notte…”
Modena City Ramblers


To make a dress I use a recycled cloth along with new and good quality material.
Today, the best choice is to choose a natural fabric (cotton, wool, silk, hemp, linen) made in Italy.
Tomorrow, the dream is to use organic material, vegetable dye and hand made inserts(crochet work, knitting, loom).


Each article of “AltrA” is unique. This means that you can choose the fabric, the shape, the colour.
Each model can be designed according to your desires. Essentially, you can conceive the final result!

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“Vivere in un modo diverso, pensare in un modo diverso,
o cercare di farlo.
Il pericolo delle bellezza è forse così grande che è meglio
(il Modello Standard) vivere senza?”
Jeanette Winterson


“AltrA” is a cultural and economic experiment. It’s an attempt to detach oneself from the conventional canons of beauty from the market logic and from the dictations of brand-name fashion.

Each article of clothing comes from my personal experiences: from the people met on the road, from my dreams, the music I listen to, the novels I read, from the forest and from my walks at sunset. It’s also part of my personal journey; it reflects the frustration and joy of living in Italy today; the struggle to survive and an attempt to find someone who is looking for something different. It’s a message in a bottle: “Hey! Is there anybody out there?”

“Esperimenti grazie ai quali
superare l’abisso
fra ciò che è necessario e ciò che è possibile”
Eric Fromm